Roadway Projects Scheduled to Start After the RNC

In August, watch for significant capital road improvements in Independence’s major Rockside Road Business District.

The much-anticipated $2.0 million turning lane and I-77 southbound entrance ramp widening improvements project is slated to begin immediately after the RNC, and will include adding an eastbound lane on Rockside Road between Summit Park Drive and the entrance ramp to I-77 southbound. This will allow for two (2) right turn lanes (for Rockside eastbound traffic), and two (2) left turn lanes (for Rockside Road westbound) to enter I-77 southbound. The southbound entrance ramp to I-77 will also be widened to enable it to receive the dual turn lanes from both sides of Rockside Road.

Independence has been heavily coordinating the project with ODOT for approvals, because of the expansion of the ramp. Major right-of-way & property acquisition, and underground utility relocation work was planned and performed in 2015 and the early part of 2016 to clear the way for the physical construction. The project is currently out to bid, and if all goes according to plan, the construction should be substantially complete by December. There will be no lane restrictions on Rockside Road during construction. The City’s plan is to have work performed during off-peak hours.

Independence also has a major streetscape project planned for Rockside Place (the street home to Holiday Inn, Bonefish Grill, and the Outback Steakhouse). In partnership with the owners of the recently-completed $15 million SpringHill Suites Marriott Hotel, this $650,000 project will include new sidewalks, paver crosswalks, decorative street lights, and street trees. It will also include major water main improvements, making the water distribution system there more reliable and more redundant from a fire-safety standpoint. This project, too, is scheduled to begin early August, and be completed by November.

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