Welcome to Your Independence!

The City of Independence Economic Development Department is proud to announce a new microsite as part of its branding campaign. The microsite at www.yourindependence.org is designed to highlight the strengths of the City to site selectors and businesses looking to expand or relocate to Independence. It will be launched in conjunction with the City’s new “Your Independence” brand. This messaging is the aggregate of specially designed elements including name, vision, logo, colors and other visual and verbal touch points. The brand leverages the emotional theme of freedom inherent in the City’s name with the charm of its small town setting.

Microsite users will have access to information on incentives, industry clusters, workforce development, and other important topics. The microsite also includes a site selection tool that gives users easy access to detailed information on available properties in Independence. The microsite is the hub for the branding campaign’s detailed content and collateral, making it a critical component of the overall project. Future marketing efforts including paid search, social media and email campaigns will be designed to direct users back to the microsite.

The City developed the branding campaign and microsite with the assistance of Columbus-based marketing firm Fahlgren Mortine. Fahlgren Mortine did similar work for the City of Worthington, the City of Wadsworth, the Columbus Chamber of Commerce and Columbus Image Project.

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